Payout paused due to pending negative balance withdrawal

If you have a negative balance and Stripe has initiated a withdrawal to bring your account back to positive, your upcoming payouts might be paused to allow time for the withdrawal to be completed. If your payouts are delayed for this reason, you will see a banner in your Dashboard stating "A withdrawal from your bank account is pending.

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Once the withdrawal is complete, your payouts will automatically resume according to your account’s payout schedule. Withdrawals typically take around 3 business days to clear.

You can see the dates and amounts of the withdrawal as well as your upcoming payouts in your Balances overview.

Can I be exempted from a payout delay?

We have already initiated a withdrawal from your bank account and your payouts will automatically resume on your regular schedule once the withdrawal succeeds (in the next 3 or 5 business days). There is no action required on your part.

I see a successful debit on my bank statement. Could we remove the payout pause now?

Since the withdrawal has been completed successfully, your payouts will be enabled automatically soon. It may take 1-2 days for the system to complete this process and payouts to resume.

Is this one-off, or will it affect my payout schedule?

We expect this to be a one-off pause, and your payouts should resume as per usual once the withdrawal is complete and we clear the negative balance in your Stripe account.

However, if your account’s balance returns to negative, we may have to pause payouts for your account again. To avoid this, we would suggest you lengthen the duration in your payout schedule to allow for a positive balance buffer within your account during this period. You can change the payout settings via your Dashboard.

My debit has failed. What else can I do?

You are able to add funds directly to your Stripe account from your Dashboard by following these instructions.

If you would prefer Stripe to debit your account for the negative balance, you should update your bank account information with an account that Stripe is permitted to debit to cover your current and future negative balances.

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