Negative balances in Stripe: handling by country

Your available Stripe balance may go into the negative if the cost of refunds or disputes is greater than the existing balance. If your account inherits a negative balance, find your business country below for details:

Australia, Canada, the UK, the US, the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) countries

Stripe will initiate a withdrawal back from your bank account to cover the negative balance. This will show up in your Stripe dashboard as a withdrawal with a negative amount and in your bank account as a debit. This withdrawal will be created the next day in Australia, Canada, and the US, in three business days in the UK, and in two business days in the Single Euro Payments Area countries—even if you have chosen to receive payouts on a weekly or monthly basis. Withdrawals will not be delayed in accordance with your regular payout schedule.

Additionally, you may need to enable Stripe to debit your bank account with your bank. You can contact your bank directly and provide them with Stripe’s ACH company IDs to allow this.

Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand, Malaysia, India

Stripe does not currently debit your bank account to cover negative balances. The negative balance will stay in your Stripe account and subsequent payments accepted with Stripe will go towards paying off the difference. Stripe will start sending payouts to your bank account once you have received sufficient payments and your available balance has become positive again.

All Countries

If you have a large negative balance that you want to repay via wire transfer, contact Stripe Support.

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