Pending refunds due to insufficient funds or Stripe balance

In the event you issue a refund to a customer that results in a negative Stripe balance, the refund will show as “pending.” The refund will not be sent to your customer until your balance is repaid and brought back into the positive and the full refund amount is available (either from new charges that increase the balance on your account, or from a wire transfer to Stripe).

In the event a charge with a “pending” refund is disputed by the cardholder’s bank, the refund will fail and a dispute will be created. To avoid this, we recommend you pay into your account balance to bring it back into the positive as soon as possible so that refunds are successfully submitted to the card networks and you are protected from disputes.

You can view your pending refunds by filtering to 'Refund pending' in the dashboard on the Refunds page.


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