Delayed or missing payouts

If a payout hasn’t arrived according to its expected delivery date, there can be several reasons as to why.

Common payout delay reasons

  • 7-day delay for the first payout on an account: There is a mandatory 7-day waiting period for the first payout for all new Stripe accounts. Once this 7-day hold is satisfied, payouts will resume according to the account’s payout schedule.

  • Payout failed: There are a number of reasons why a payout might fail when attempting to deposit into a bank account. See Payout Failures for more information and how to remedy the issue.

  • The payout date was offset by a weekend or a holiday: Weekends and holidays can shift the deposit date beyond the expected due date. If the deposit date lands on a weekend or a holiday, the payout should land the following business day.

  • The payout amount was offset by refunds: Sometimes refunds can outnumber the positive balance of a payout and result in a withdrawal, rather than a deposit. Check the Payouts section of the Stripe dashboard for details on the contents affecting each payout.

If those reasons do not apply

If none of the reasons listed above appear to be the culprit of a delayed or missing payout, we recommend waiting five business days from the expected deposit date before escalating. There can sometimes be processing delays on the receiving bank’s end that Stripe won’t have visibility into. If five business days have elapsed and the payout still has not arrived, contact Stripe Support.