Accepting international payments from Stripe accounts in India

Stripe India accounts allow users to accept international payments in over 135 foreign currencies. To do so, users must have a valid Import/Export Code (IEC), create a new Stripe account based in India, and complete the "Accepting International Transactions" process during account application. Note that individuals cannot accept international payments, and an IEC is required for accepting AMEX payments from international users.

You can accept international payments from your customers in more than 135+ foreign currency using Stripe India accounts.



  1. Please make sure you already obtain a valid IEC (Import/Export Code). You could check the validity of your IEC or apply for a new IEC through the DGFT website:
  2. Create a new Stripe account based in India and complete 'Accepting International Transactions' during account application. Here's the requirement for export related info:
    1. Export of Services = Transaction Purpose Code
      1. While IEC is optional for export of services users, you still need to obtain an IEC to accept AMEX payments from international user (otherwise payment will fail)
    2. Export of Goods = Importer / Exporter Code (IEC) and Transaction Purpose Code
      accepting international transactions Stripe India.png
  3. Use our India Exports Guide for integration. Please make sure to follow the guides as this is a mandatory requirement from Indian regulators:
  4. Redirect your customers to complete 3D Secure authentication. Please follow steps three and four detailed in our docs to implement this change and test it
  5. Test out your integration before going live :
  6. Once we're able to verify your IEC and complete all the KYC documents, you are ready to accept international payments