Auto Debit FAQ

Stripe supports auto debits for various account types in countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, SEPA, United Kingdom AND United States. Stripe may debit a user's bank account if their balance goes negative to ensure timely refunds and reduce customer disputes. Users are notified via email before a debit is made and can change the bank account linked to their Stripe account or add funds via wire transfer if desired.

Which countries and account types support auto debits?

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New Zealand








United Kingdom




United States




*A Standard Stripe account is a conventional Stripe account controlled directly by the account holder. A user with a Standard account is able to log in to the Dashboard, can process charges on their own, and can disconnect their account from a platform. You are also a Standard account if you are a Connect platform.

Why would Stripe need to debit my bank account?

We may debit your bank account if your Stripe balance goes into the negative. We do this to ensure that any pending refunds on your Stripe account can be fulfilled in a timely manner, which will in turn reduce the risk of customer disputes.

Why might the balance on my Stripe account go into the negative?

Your available Stripe balance may go into the negative if the cost of refunds, disputes or Stripe fees is greater than the existing balance. If your Stripe account has a negative balance, you won’t be able to issue refunds until the balance is returned to a positive state.

Does Stripe have permission to debit my account?

As noted in section C9 of the Stripe Services Agreement, you agree to allow us to debit funds from your bank account to cover amounts you owe to Stripe, including negative balances on your Stripe account.

Why can’t I pay back the negative balance through future payments?

It’s important that we ensure your account does not hold a negative balance for long periods of time, as it may delay refunds to your customers, which could result in disputes and related fees. Continuous disputes can result in your business being added to a card network monitoring program. For this reason, we need to initiate the debit as a response to a negative balance.

What happens if there are insufficient funds in my bank account to cover the debit?

The debit attempt will fail, and you may incur an overdraft or dishonour fee depending on your bank’s policies. We will make multiple subsequent attempts to debit your bank account in the event that a debit fails, so we strongly advise you to ensure you have enough funds in your bank account to cover the debit amount.

In some cases, we may split the withdrawal amount into 2 debits. These will show up on your bank account as two separate debits for different amounts, usually a 60%/40% split, but they will total the amount needed to cover your negative balance. We do this to maximize the amount of refunds we can process in case there aren’t enough funds in your bank account to cover the total negative balance.

Can I change the bank account from which the debit is taken?

Yes. You can change your bank account by updating the bank account linked to your Stripe account via the Dashboard. Please note that this will also change the bank account to which your payouts are sent.

Can I add funds to my Stripe account via wire transfer instead of the auto debit?

Yes. You’ll find instructions on how to add funds to your Stripe account via wire transfer in our docs.

Will I be notified when Stripe attempts to debit my bank account?

Yes, before Stripe debits your bank account, you will receive an email notification from Stripe. The debit will also show up in your Stripe dashboard as a negative payout.

Screenshot 2021-04-06 at 11.32.03 AM.png

Will you debit me for every negative balance, or is there a threshold before you make a debit attempt?

Standard Stripe accounts will only be debited if their negative balance is greater than 10 units of their local currency (e.g., 10 USD, 10 GBP, 10 EUR, etc.).

Custom and Express connected accounts will be debited for any negative balance, regardless of the amount.

When will these debits occur?

The exact time that each debit occurs varies depending on which country your bank account is in.

After the negative payout has been created on your Dashboard, you should expect the debits to take place as follows:

For the best estimate as to when the funds will be debited from your bank account, you can check the ‘Expected by’ date of the payout on your Dashboard.

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What are Stripe’s ACH company IDs and why might I need them?

You may need to authorize Stripe to debit your US bank account. To do this, you will need to contact your bank directly and provide them with our ACH company IDs.

What currencies does Stripe support for auto debits?

For Australia, we only support auto debits from AUD bank accounts.

For SEPA countries, we only support auto debits from EUR bank accounts.

For New Zealand, we only support auto debits from NZD bank accounts.

For United Kingdom, we support auto debits from EUR and GBP bank accounts.

For United States and Canada, we support auto debits from USD and CAD bank accounts.