Enabling Konbini payments for Japan-based Stripe accounts

Konbini allows customers in Japan to pay for bills and online purchases at convenience stores with cash. Customers will complete their payments using payment codes. You can read the documentation for Konbini payments here.

Activate from the dashboard

You can activate Konbini in the Payment Methods section of your Dashboard, under Settings. Clicking the Turn On button will begin the activation process.

Konbini review requirements

At a minimum, the following information is required to start accepting Konbini payments:

If your business requires login credentials to view the sold services and products, you may be asked to submit additional documentation.

Review timeline

The external partner reviews will take around 30 days. Your Stripe account will be unable to accept Konbini payments during this time.

We will notify the account owner's email address in case the review requires additional information. Having inaccurate information on your account can add extra weeks to the review, so we recommend thoroughly checking your account details, including your business URL, before activating.

Do not change the Stripe account details nor the business website while the review is ongoing. Making changes to already-submitted account detail will cause additional reviews to take place.

Review result

Please visit the dashboard settings page to view the review status. However, more details are noted in the email sent to the account owner after review. Further, please contact support if you need to make changes to your account, business website or the business model after you receive an approval. This is required by Konbini user policy.

Making payments


Regardless of the convenience store chains, funds will be available after 4 business days, as with other payment methods.