Enabling JCB payments for Japan-based Stripe accounts

To enable JCB card payments on a Japan-based Stripe account, users must first receive approval from JCB. The approval process, which requires a live Stripe account and adherence to JCB's requirements, takes around three business days but can last up to three weeks. Once approved, users can accept payments from Discover and Diners Club cardholders as well.

To accept JCB card payments on your Japan Stripe account, Stripe must first request approval on your behalf from JCB.

New Stripe users

When you activate your Stripe account, Stripe will automatically submit your information to JCB for review.

Existing Stripe users

If you have an existing Stripe account, you can activate JCB in the Payment Methods section of your Dashboard, under Settings.

Clicking the Activate button will begin the activation process.

Note: if you do not see a button to activate JCB in your Payment Methods settings, this means that Stripe has already submitted your information to JCB.

Connect accounts and platforms

If you are using Connect and you need to onboard your connected accounts, see Accepting JCB payments as a Connect platform or connected account.

JCB review and approval

Review requirements

At a minimum, JCB requires the following in order to approve an account:

Review timeline

The review process takes around 3 business days, but it can take up to 3 weeks in some cases. During this time, you will not be able to accept payments from JCB cardholders.

JCB may require additional information about you or your business to complete their review. If this is needed, Stripe will reach out to you via email to let you know.

Technical limitations


You can confirm your JCB acceptance status at any time in your Dashboard.

JCB rejection

Should JCB decide to reject an account, the decision is final. If you believe this to be a mistake, contact Stripe support.

Additional Information