Requirements under the Japan Payment Services Act

The Payment Services Act is designed to prevent illegal and malicious acts and protect the interests of consumers by disclosing information and establishing rules for businesses that provide a “prepaid payment method”. When selling products or services that fall under the category of prepaid payment method online, businesses are required by law to display a page that provides basic information about their business and how it operates.

What is a "prepaid payment method"?

A "prepaid payment method" refers to a coin or wallet that can be used on a specific website or service, and in which the amount of money or the contents of goods or services are recorded in an electronic format.

Required items

On this page, you will need to include the following:

Item Type



Issuer of prepaid payment method

Corporation: Trade name on the registry
Individual: Name in the family register or trade name in the register

John Smith


Address on the register

2-11-1 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to 〒100-6178

Phone number

A phone number your customers can use to contact you in Japanese

03-1234-5678 (for Konbini, this must be a landline)

Email address

An email address your customers can use to contact you

Name of prepaid payment method

If there is more than one type, list them all

Blue Coin

Maximum value that the prepaid payment method can hold

Age restrictions should also be included if relevant

The maximum Blue Coins a user can hold is 1,000 coins

Expiration policy of the prepaid payment method

If there is no expiration date, note as such

Coins do not expire, but if you are unable to log into your account for more than 10 years, your account may be deleted and therefore your coins may expire

The scope of use of the prepaid payment methods

The Blue Coins can be used in the Deep Ocean service application

Notice on the use of the prepaid payment methods

Include refund policies

As a general rule, coins will not be refunded. Please refer to the Terms of Service for more details

How to check the balance of the prepaid payment method

Explain how customers can check their current balance

You can check your balance on the "Purchase Information" page from the Settings button in the app

Terms and Conditions for the Use of Prepaid Payment Method

Please refer to the Terms of Service for details

Where to display the “Notification based on the Payment Services Act”

Most websites will place the notification in the footer of the page, along with the "Terms of Use" and the “Notification based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Act”. It is important to put the information in a place where it can be viewed by consumers at any time, both before and after purchase.