Chargeback Protection limits

When you enroll in Chargeback Protection, Stripe will protect eligible fraudulent disputes up to the amounts listed below, per calendar year. The limit will depend on your account’s settlement currency.

Settlement currency

Annual Chargeback Protection limit















When a dispute is created and protected by Chargeback Protection, the protected amount, dispute fee, and any associated monitoring program fees will count towards the limit for the calendar year.

For example, if an eligible $10 charge was processed on Dec 31, 2019 but a fraudulent dispute is opened by the customer on Jan 1, 2020, then the $10 protected by Stripe plus the $15 of waived dispute fee will count towards the protection limit for 2020. This means that you will have accrued $25 towards your protection limit for 2020.

You will receive an email when you are at 75% of your limit and we will email you again when you reach 100% of your annual limit. Stripe will only protect an eligible dispute if the entire disputed amount can be protected without exceeding the annual limit.

For example, if Stripe has protected $24,800 for your account for the calendar year 2019, and a new dispute in your account is opened for $500, this dispute would push your total amount of disputes to $25,300. This amount ($25,300) exceeds the Chargeback Protection annual limit ($25,000) and so this means that this dispute will not be protected by Stripe.

After you’ve reached the limit for protected disputes per calendar year, any future disputes opened in that year against your account will not be protected by Stripe. Despite you having reached the annual protection limit, the Chargeback Protection product will continue to use machine learning technology to dynamically modify your Checkout interface to continue to help you to reduce fraud chargeback claims. You can turn off Chargeback Protection at any time from the Dashboard in the Checkout settings.

The total amount protected by Stripe will not change if Chargeback Protection was turned off and then back on again during the calendar year, i.e. the annual limit only resets at the beginning of the following year and not when Chargeback Protection is turned on. You can turn off Chargeback Protection at any time from the Dashboard in the Checkout settings.