Trouble signing in?

Your username is the email address used to register the account. Reset your password at if needed, and complete the two-step authentication if required.

Forgotten username or email address

The username for your Stripe account is the email address used to register the account. Not sure which email you used? Search your inbox for previous Stripe emails to confirm.

Forgotten password

Reset your password at if needed.

If two-step authentication (2FA) is enabled, complete for example by entering the verification code sent to your mobile device.

You’ll receive a confirmation email in your inbox once you're password has been reset.

Can’t complete two-step authentication

If you remember your password, but can’t complete two-step authentication and you are the account owner, you can temporarily disable two-step authentication to recover your account by visiting If you are not, an account owner or administrator can reset your two-step authentication or you can use your backup code to sign in.

As a best practice, we recommend enabling multiple options for two-step authentication, for example backup code and touch ID. Enabling multiple options makes it easier to log in into your account in the future (for example, if you update your phone number and can’t authenticate with your old phone number). See more details on how to set this up: Enable two-step authentication.

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Still can’t sign in?

If you’ve followed the steps above but you still can’t sign in, contact our support team for help. Select the most relevant question for your issue from the dropdown. Use the email address you signed up with to help us locate your account more easily.