Business website for account activation FAQ

Why does Stripe need my business website?

If you use a website, social media profile or mobile app to promote your business or sell products, Stripe needs to review it to understand your business and verify what you are selling in order to comply with financial regulations. See “Know Your Customer” obligations.

You are required to maintain a functioning website with the appropriate information at all times. Stripe regularly checks that the provided website is compliant and if it detects an issue, you will need to update it or provide a new website that satisfies the requirements.

Common reasons that the business website or social media profile you provided was not sufficient to activate your Stripe account:

Webpage must load and be accessible

The webpage must be accessible without a password.

Stripe might require you to confirm you own the website. You'll receive an email and a notification in your Stripe Dashboard if this is required. See Website ownership verification during Stripe account application.

Under construction or incomplete

Your account may not be able to be activated until your website contains the necessary information about your business. Once your website is complete with all products you are selling listed, update the URL in your Dashboard.

Incomplete Social media profile

You must give a full URL to your specific profile for example Just your social media handle or just for example is insufficient.

I block certain regions from viewing my website

Temporarily remove the blocker until your website has been verified.

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