Website ownership verification during Stripe account application

Stripe may need to verify website ownership during the account application process to ensure compliance with the Stripe Services Agreement. You'll receive an email and a notification on your Stripe Dashboard, prompting you to complete a form providing information about your business. If you cannot verify website ownership, Stripe may pause your payouts until the issue is resolved.

Stripe may contact you to confirm that you own the website (domain/url) connected to your Stripe account, to understand why you don’t have ownership over your website, or to ensure the products or services you're selling there are in compliance with the Stripe Services Agreement.

If we need to confirm website ownership, we will send you an email and ask you to complete a form on your Stripe Dashboard. We'll also send the following notification to your Dashboard:

We have had trouble confirming that you have control over the website that you submitted with your Stripe account application. Please complete this form to provide more information about your business to resume payouts.

Clicking on the Complete form button will lead you to a set of questions which you’ll need to answer to complete the check.

Information you’ll need to provide

Once you submit your form, we will review your responses and either re-enable your account or let you know if we need further information.