2024 updates to US verification requirements: FAQs

Stripe regularly reviews and updates its verification requirements to provide best-in-class protections for users. For US businesses accepting card payments and for any individuals who ultimately own, control, or direct the business, we’re updating how we collect, validate, and verify business information. As a result, your business may need to provide updated information. Our goal is to help ensure your safe and uninterrupted access to the payments ecosystem.

What actions do I need to take?

Log into your Dashboard to view any relevant actions you need to take and review the resources below for common issues and information we may be requesting from you.

How do I update the account representative for my business?

Tax ID verification

Resolving SSN ITIN Errors

Statement descriptor FAQs

How do I update the address for my business?

How do I update Administrative Users for my business?

What new information may be collected?

Sole proprietors and single member LLCs must provide their business address.

All legal entity types must provide an email for the account representative, including government entities and public companies.

Additionally, there are some changes to our SSN and ITIN requirements.


Updated requirements

SSN or ITIN for US resident representatives

Last 4 digits required at onboarding for all connected account types.

If the last 4 digits fail verification, representatives will need to provide the full 9 digits.

If the full 9 digit ID number fails verification, representatives will need to upload an ID document.

SSN or ITIN from US resident representatives and owners

Full 9 digits required once payment volume exceeds $500K.

What are valid inputs for my business' information?


Updated requirements

Product description

  • Must be at least 10 characters long.
  • Cannot be identical to the URL.

(Full) statement descriptor

  • Must be at least 5 and no more than 22 characters long.
  • Must resemble the business information.
  • Must not be a generic and well-known statement descriptor.

(Short) statement descriptor

  • Must resemble the full statement descriptor.
  • Must not be a generic and well-known statement descriptor prefix.

Legal entity business name

  • Must not be a generic or well-known business name.

Business profile name (DBA)

  • Generic and well-known business names aren’t supported.
  • Must consist of recognizable words.

Person’s DOB

  • Age must be at least 13 years old and under 120 years old.

Person’s phone

  • Must be a valid phone number for the person specified.

Legal entity business phone

  • Must be a valid phone number for the business.

Company tax ID

  • Must be a valid and correct tax ID for the specified company.


  • Required for any business using a website, app, social media page, or online profile to sell products or services.
  • Must be in the correct format.
  • Cannot be the URL for a generic or well-known business website (e.g. www.facebook.com).
  • Must be reachable.
  • The business information on your website must match the details provided to Stripe.