Who can access data from my linked financial account, and for what purposes?

When you link a financial account, you are granting data access to Stripe and the following trusted entities:

  1. Businesses with whom you have consented to link an account.

  2. Our underlying service providers.

  3. If you process a payment with Stripe, we'll also share the relevant details with our bank partners to enable the transaction.

In some cases, your data may need to be made available to government entities consistent with legal requirements, as noted in our Privacy Policy.

Stripe will only use your financial account information as outlined in Stripe’s Privacy Policy, including to:

Stripe does not sell or rent your financial account information to third parties, including marketers, and we require the same of our service providers. When our service providers obtain your personal data, they can only use it to perform services for Stripe or to comply with legal requirements.

If you ever want to disconnect a linked financial account or request data deletion, you can fill out this form or contact privacy@stripe.com.