What is the relationship between Stripe and Stripe’s service providers?

To let you link financial accounts, Stripe works with third-party service providers who are subject to contractual requirements and restrictions on the use of data accessed through Stripe.  

Our service providers include third-party data aggregators, such as Finicity and MX. We may work with service providers to obtain the information from the financial accounts that you have consented to share with Stripe and your merchant. When you input your login information in the credential pane, Stripe and one of our service providers may collect, store, and use your login information or authorization to maintain an active connection to your account. Our service providers use encryption to protect data. Learn more about security practices at Finicity and MX.

Stripe does not sell your financial account information to third parties, including marketers, and we require the same of our service providers. When our service providers obtain your personal data, they can only use it to perform services for Stripe or to comply with legal requirements.