What data does Stripe access from my linked financial account?

With your consent, Stripe may access and store copies of the following financial information types from your account:

Stripe and our service providers may also store your financial institution login credentials so we can connect to your financial account and regularly collect updated data that you’ve agreed to share. If Stripe obtains your financial institution login credentials, we do not share them with your merchant.

Although most financial institutions provide Stripe with access to all of the data associated with your accounts, we will only use your financial account information as outlined in our Privacy Policy. We also protect your financial information by only giving your merchant access to the financial information types they’ve specifically requested—and only if you have consented to share that financial information with them through the authentication flow. If your merchant would like to access additional types of data from your account in the future, they will need to obtain your permission.

For more information about the personal data collected by Stripe, please review Stripe’s Privacy Policy