Set up account email notifications

You can receive an email notification when any of the following occur:

  • A payment is successfully made to your Stripe account

  • A payment is disputed by a cardholder

  • A payment is marked as elevated risk by Stripe or by a custom rule in Stripe Radar

  • An application fee is collected from a connected account (if you are a Stripe Connect platform that collects application fees from connected accounts)

  • A teammate mentions you in a note inside your Stripe account

Additional Information

  • Email notifications can be enabled or disabled for each team member’s login in their user settings.

    • Each team member can choose to receive or opt out of receiving any of the default notifications.

  • If you are not receiving notifications or emails from Stripe as expected, see Not Receiving Email From Stripe.

  • If there is a notification email that you want Stripe to consider implementing, send that feedback to Stripe Support.