Checklist for recreating settings in a new Stripe account

If you migrated your customer data to a new Stripe account and want to set up the new account to function like your previous account, check and customize the following settings:

  • TeamAdd your team members to the new account so they can access it. You will need to assign their appropriate user role again.

  • API keys: Update your server(s) to use the new Stripe account’s unique API keys. These will not be the same as your original account.

  • Subscription settings: If you use Stripe Billing, go into the Billing settings to ensure that your failed payment retries and cancel subscription logic settings are set up as needed.

  • Bank accounts and payout settings: Review your Payout settings to make sure they’re set up correctly. Confirm the bank account information and payout schedule are as you want them.

  • Webhooks: If you had webhooks set up on your original account, it is recommended to review and ensure that they were copied over to the new account correctly.

  • Apps: If you used any Connect applications and want to continue using them, you will need to re-add those applications.

  • Email notifications: Review your email settings to set up your notification preferences for email receipts and successful payment notifications.

  • Connect: If you own a Connect application, you can re-create the application on the new account.