Payout Reversals

What is a payout reversal?

In cases where funds have been paid to the wrong bank account, a Custom or Express platform can request the payout to be reversed. A payout reversal is the action of reversing a single payout for the entire amount from the connected bank account back to the connected account balance.

Learn more about payout reversals for Custom or Express connect platforms in Stripe Docs.

Frequently asked questions about payout reversals:

Q: Where are payout reversals supported today?

A: Payout reversals are only supported for US bank accounts. Reversals of instant payouts are not supported.

Q: Who has access to perform a payout reversal?

A: Custom or Express connect platforms can request a payout reversal on behalf of their connected accounts.

Q: Which team members have access to this feature?

A: Dashboard team members with the role Support Specialist, Analyst, Developer, Admin, or Owner can initiate a payout reversal.

Q: When can I request a payout reversal?

A: You can request a payout reversal up to 90 days after a payout has been submitted.

Q: Can I do a partial reversal for some of the payout amount?

A: No, you can only reverse the entire payout one time.

Q: The payout reversal failed—can I request another?

A: No, only one payout reversal attempt is supported.

Q: Once I initiate the reversal, how long will the debit take to be scheduled?

A: The payout reversal will be scheduled to be debited from the connected account bank account within one business day.

Q: How long will it take for funds from a successful reversal to reflect on the connected account’s balance?

A: The funds will be available to pay out again five business days after the reversal is requested.

Q: Why can’t I click the ‘Reverse payout...’ button?

A: Some common reasons the ‘Reverse payout...’ button is no longer available can include:

Q: The payout has not yet been submitted and the cancel button is still present—can I still reverse the payout?

A: If you cancel a payout while the cancel button is still present, we will not submit the payout and you will not need to initiate a payout reversal.