Link for Financial Connections: Support for Businesses

What is Link in my Financial Connections authentication flow?

Link is Stripe's fast checkout solution, but it also enables your customers to authenticate faster on Financial Connections by allowing them to reuse bank account details they've previously saved to Link. Customers who save their account to Link at any of the hundreds of thousands of businesses using Link will be able to seamlessly share their account details the next time they use Financial Connections resulting in higher conversion, lower latency, and increased reliability.

This works across Financial Connections use cases. Whether you’re leveraging Financial Connections to facilitate ACH payments, payouts or using it to access your customers’ bank data.

Does Link impact my pricing?

There’s no change to pricing. Link is an optimization to the existing Financial Connections integration, enabling you to benefit from increased conversion without added fees.

How will Link impact my conversion rate and overall customer experience?

Returning customers who have saved their bank account details to Link across the Stripe ecosystem will have a streamlined authentication experience. We find that people who have previously saved their bank account details convert at a higher rate when linking their accounts compared to those not using Link.

Customers who don’t have a Link account will have the option to create one at the end of the Financial Connections authentication flow, this way we don’t impact Auth Flow conversion. We’re seeing strong opt-in rates from customers today.

How do I leverage Link with Financial Connections?

To benefit from a streamlined authentication for more customers, make sure you’re passing email addresses in the Customer object—we use the email to check if they have saved their account with Link before. This enables us to dynamically present the returning customer with the opportunity to login to Link at the beginning of the flow.

How do I disable Link if I don’t want it?

If you’d prefer not to have this feature enabled, you can opt out in the Stripe Dashboard on the Financial Connections page. Disabling Link will also disable the conversion benefits for the returning user experience.