"issuer_declined" response from bank when customer tries to make a purchase

Start by finding the decline code or outcome reason provided to Stripe from the cardholder's bank:

From the Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to your Payments dashboard.

  2. Find the declined charge.

  3. Hover over the charge status to reveal the decline code.

From the API

  1. Retrieve the charge.

  2. Review the outcome attribute for the decline code.

Once you have the decline code, refer to Bank Decline Codes for the recommended course of action for the decline code provided.

Additional Information

  • Some payment declines are a result of the cardholder’s bank not authorizing the charge.

  • Banks do not share much detail on their reasoning behind these declines. Any information that Stripe receives from the bank about the decline will be shown in the Dashboard or through the API.

  • Payments declined by card issuers (Stripe Docs)