Accept payments from bank accounts using ACH Direct Debits

If you are a US-based Stripe user, you can receive USD payments directly from a customer’s bank account instead of a credit or debit card by using Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.

Enabling ACH Direct Debits on the Charges API

  1. Log into your Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the ACH Terms of Service.

  3. Click Enable ACH to accept the Terms of Service and enable ACH payments on your account.

Enabling ACH Direct Debits on the PaymentIntents API

For Standard and Direct accounts, you should already have ACH Direct Debits enabled on the Settings > Payment methods page of your dashboard.

If you would like to turn off ACH Direct Debits, scroll down to the Bank Debits section and click the "Turn off" button beside the ACH Direct Debit payment method.

For Custom and Express accounts, Platforms will need to request the us_bank_account_ach_payments capability using the Capabilities API in order to enable ACH Direct Debit.