H2 2023 Stripe Issuing pricing updates

Stripe Issuing is updating its shipping options, card printing fees, and disputes process. These new changes will go into effect on September 15, 2023.

What’s changing?

If you have questions about the pricing changes, or you aren’t sure if they apply to you, reach out to your account representative or our support team.


Card printing

Card shipping

Dispute fees


Card Printing

How is the price of card printing changing?

The price for printing a standard, physical card will increase from $3.00 to $3.50 per card.

Why is the price going up?

We try to offer you printing prices at cost. As the cost of printing a physical card has gone up, we’ve needed to increase our prices to more accurately reflect the underlying expense to Stripe

What’s the difference between a standard and custom card?

Standard cards are our default black or white card designs that feature your logo. For an additional cost, you can design your own card artwork. These are called custom cards.

Is the price of custom card printing also changing?

Custom cards continue to be priced based on your design and order volume. As the cost of manufacturing specific designs changes, your pricing may also change. You can learn more about custom card pricing here.

The cost of my custom card order has gone up. What should I do?

Different features in a card design may impact its printing cost. Reach out to your Stripe sales contact, and we can help you with design modifications to reduce cost. You can learn more about custom card pricing here.

Card shipping

How are card shipping costs changing?

We’re introducing new shipping options. Domestic and international shipping will have separate pricing, and some domestic shipping prices will increase based on carrier rates. Signatures will be optional for most shipping options to help you lower costs. Other changes apply, see our full list of shipping costs here.

Where can I see a complete shipping cost table?

We have a complete list of our current shipping costs in our Stripe documentation here.

Why are signatures now optional for most shipping options?

Signatures add an additional cost to shipping that isn’t always necessary. We stopped requiring signatures by default so you could better control your shipping costs.

Why did the cost of some shipping options increase?

Carrier rates regularly increase their rates. As their prices go up, Stripe adjusts our pricing to more accurately reflect their rates.

How can I lower my shipping costs?

To lower your shipping costs, you can choose a slower shipping option, ship your card in bulk or opt to not require signatures.

Dispute fees

What is a dispute and why is there a fee associated with it?

Disputes offer cardholders the right to be reimbursed by the associated merchant for prior transactions (usually due to fraud, but also for other disagreements). When a dispute occurs, an investigation takes place to determine if the cardholder should be reimbursed. Card networks charge Stripe fees for every submitted dispute, regardless of the outcome, and Stripe incurs costs to investigate them on our user’s behalf.

What has changed about dispute fees?

We’re updating our policy to no longer return the $15 dispute fee for successfully contested disputes. The dispute fee itself is not changing.

Why are you now charging for successfully won disputes?

Stripe is charged a dispute fee regardless of the outcome of a dispute. We’ve updated our policy to reflect these costs.

How can I lower my dispute fees?

Stripe Issuing provides new fraud prevention tooling to avoid unauthorized transactions before they are authorized and disputed. You should also guide your cardholders to work with merchants directly to resolve non-fraud disputes outside of the card network processes.


Why did I get this notice?

This support page provides you with more details on the notice we sent you describing changes to certain fees. That notice is a legal notice sent to Stripe users, even those who have unsubscribed from optional marketing notices. You cannot unsubscribe from legal notices, but if you’d prefer not to receive any further legal notices from Stripe, you can close your account by following these steps.

Your continued use of Stripe's services after September 15, 2023 is subject to these fee and shipping changes. Any termination rights you have under your agreement with us are unaffected by this change.

Do I need to take action?

There’s no action necessary for you.These changes will automatically apply to existing platforms and their connected accounts from September 15, 2023.