Close a Stripe account

Stripe accounts can be closed at any time. To close an account with Stripe, the owner of the account can go to the data tab under business settings and selecting “Close this account…”.

Things to know about closing a Stripe account

  • Only the account owner can delete an account; team members cannot.

  • Closing an account won’t prevent scheduled payouts from happening (e.g., if an account was closed today, a payment accepted yesterday would still deposit into the account’s bank account as normally scheduled), but it won’t be possible to retrieve any information about the account going forward.

  • The account owner will still be responsible for any refunds that are issued, or any disputes that arise. Due to this, it’s normally suggested to simply leave the account dormant rather than closing it, as this makes it easier to be responsive when these situations occur.

  • If the Stripe account was created through a third-party application, it’s important to emphasize that closing the Stripe account only closes the Stripe account itself. It does not close any accounts for third-party products that may have been connected to the Stripe account. Correspondingly, deleting an account with a third-party product does not delete the Stripe account connected to it. The only way to close a Stripe account is from the Stripe dashboard, as outlined above.

  • Once a Stripe account is closed, it cannot be undone. It’s possible, however, export the data in the account to a CSV file before closing it.

There is more information regarding the effects and responsibilities of closing a Stripe account in our terms of service, or reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns.

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