Copy existing account data over to a new Stripe account

How do I move my existing Stripe account information to a new or secondary Stripe account?

Stripe is able to do one-time copies of customer data across accounts. Reach out to Stripe Support to get this process started.

Things to know about copying data to a new account

  • Only the raw customer objects get copied over, meaning that individual charges, invoices, plans and subscriptions, coupons, events, and logs do not copy over.

  • The customers that are copied over will have the same id on the new/secondary account as they did on the original account.

  • This process is a copy, not a migration, so all of your old data will remain in your old account. We recommend keeping the original “old” account around so you can access the legacy data there if you ever need to reference it.

For more information about how to recreate Subscription plans in your new account, see Recreate subscriptions and plans after moving to a new Stripe account.

For guidance on setting up your new Stripe account settings to match those on your original account, see Checklist for recreating settings in a new Stripe account