Canada Bank Verification

Get answers to common questions about Canada Bank Verification.

Connecting your bank account helps merchants better support your requested payments.

When I connect my account, what data is accessed from my bank account(s) and with whom is it shared?

With your consent, we may access and store information from your selected account(s), including:

The information available to us may vary in part based on the information your bank makes available.

We will use this information to better support your requested payments to your merchant, including by verifying your bank account and accelerating your payments where possible. Connecting your bank account will allow our banking partner to receive the account details to debit your account at the time of your requested payment. It will also allow your merchant to receive your account details to support your customer relationship with them, eg. to provide information for purchase receipts. Note: The merchant will only ever receive the last 4 digits of your bank account number.

How Your Information is Accessed and Shared

Account Details

Contact Information




Stripe's Banking Partner



Your Merchant

Yes (for the account number, your merchant will only receive the last 4 digits)

No (other than what is provided by you directly to the merchant)

If you have any questions regarding your privacy, please email

What is the relationship between Stripe and its service provider?

We work with a third-party data aggregator, Flinks Technology Inc., to obtain the data that you have consented to share with us, our banking partner, and your merchant. Flinks will collect and use your credentials (including your username and password) to access and retrieve your bank account data from your selected account(s), and provide this information to Stripe.

Is my bank account information safe?

We maintain organizational, technical, and administrative measures designed to protect bank account information within our organization against unauthorized access, destruction, loss, alteration, or misuse. Bank account numbers are encrypted in transit using TLS (SSL), and at rest with AES-256. We use internal access controls to separate decryption keys, encrypted account details, and our primary services (API, website, etc.). Please also review the security page of our service provider, Flinks.

How long do you retain my credentials and my bank account data?

Our service provider will only use your credentials in order to obtain your bank account data for your requested transactions, and will delete your credentials shortly after obtaining the bank account data. We may retain your bank account data even after we cease providing services to your merchant to the extent necessary to comply with our legal obligations.

What if I don’t share my bank account information with Stripe?

If you decide not to connect a bank account, you may still use micro-deposits to verify your bank account with the merchant. However, using micro-deposits will be a slower way of processing the payment to your merchant, as compared to connecting your bank account.