What data from my linked financial account does Stripe collect, store, and share?

With your consent, Stripe may access and store copies of the following financial information types from your selected account:

The information obtained by Stripe may vary based on the data made available by your financial institution. Stripe and/or our service provider may also obtain your financial institution login credentials.

We only give your merchant access to the financial information types they’ve specifically requested and only if you have consented to share that financial information with them through the authentication flow. We do not share financial institution login credentials with your merchant.

Separately, we also capture common web analytics metadata such as your browser type, operating system, and IP address — which is sent by your browser to each website you access. We may also collect advanced fraud detection signals from your browser. We retain this information to help us prevent fraud, identify bugs, and improve our services. For more information about the personal data collected by Stripe, please review Stripe’s Privacy Policy.