What are Instant Payouts and who is eligible?

What's the difference between Instant and Standard Payouts?

Instant Payouts allow you to transfer funds to an eligible debit card or bank account within minutes of a transaction for a fee of 1% of the payout amount for most countries (1.5% for Australia). Funds paid out instantly to a bank account or debit card will appear in the associated bank account within 30 minutes.

Any funds not accessed through Instant Payouts continue to be paid out according to your default payout schedule at no additional cost.

What's the availability for Instant Payouts?

You can request an Instant Payout any day or time, including weekends and holidays, and funds typically arrive in the associated bank account within 30 minutes.

Who is eligible?

Instant Payouts is available to Stripe users and Connect platforms in Australia, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.

We are also launching to all EU countries including : AT (Austria) BE (Belgium) CY (Cyprus) DE (Germany) EE (Estonia) ES (Spain) FI (Finland) FR (France) GR (Greece) HR (Croatia) IE (Ireland) IT (Italy) LT (Lithuania) LU (Luxembourg) LV (Latvia) MC (Monaco) MT (Malta) NL (Netherlands) PT (Portugal) SI (Slovenia).

However, new Stripe users aren’t immediately eligible for Instant Payouts.

Check your eligibility in your Dashboard.

How to initiate an Instant Payout?

See Initiating an Instant Payout

Bank support for Instant Payouts

Stripe supports Instant Payouts for businesses and connected accounts in the U.S. About 99% of U.S. banks issue debit cards compatible with Instant Payouts. See if your account's bank supports Instant Payouts for its debit cards.

UK users do not need to add an eligible debit card to use Instant Payouts. Instant Payouts are supported by bank accounts in the UK. UK bank accounts which support Faster Payments are compatible with Instant Payouts. Use the Faster Payments Service’s sort code checker to see if your UK bank account is compatible.

What to do if you saw a balance available for Instant Payouts that isn't there anymore?

See Instant Payouts funds no longer appear available

Are there limits to how many Instant Payouts I can do?

Yes, see docs on daily volume limits for more details.