Understanding your monthly tax invoice

Your monthly tax invoice displays the fees and the taxes on Stripe fees that Stripe applies to your account based on your transaction history.

These are included on tax invoices based on when the balance transaction was created. Balance transactions are changes to your Stripe account balance. You can view your balance transactions by downloading your balance report from the Dashboard.

A note on balance transaction dates:

Monthly tax invoices include balance transactions based on the “Created” date, not the “Available_on” date. (Note: The UTC timezone is utilized to determine which balance transactions should be included in tax invoices. To enhance the accuracy of reconciliation results, set the Balance Report's time zone to UTC.)

For example, in the sample balance report below, only the items that have a “Created” date in May (highlighted) would be included in a May 2022 tax invoice. The fee column represents the fees that appear in the tax invoice and the balance report. (Note: This column may also include fees charged by Connect platforms, which are not included on the tax invoice from Stripe.)


Note: Because monthly tax invoices include balance transactions based on the “Created” date, adjustments to Stripe fees for refunds or true-ups may be included in one month’s tax invoice but refer to payments processed in the previous month.

For example, the “dispute” or “other_adjustment” cells in the table above occur in May (and will be included in May’s tax invoice), but may refer to activity from a previous month (e.g., a dispute or adjustment from April).

You can get more information on the specific balance transactions that are included in a tax invoice by viewing the

Balance change from activity summary.