Time zone customization: changes to reports

Note: this functionality is not yet available to all users.

Financial reports on the Balance and Reconciliation tab now generate reports in your Stripe account’s time zone by default.

How to return to using UTC

If you generated reports prior to the addition of time zone selection, the only time zone available was UTC. You can return to using UTC on financial reports for this session by selecting UTC from date range time zone selector shown below. You will need to reselect UTC if you navigate away from the financial reports page and later return.timezone1.png

You can also set your account time zone setting to UTC. This will affect all date and times in the Dashboard except for products that specifically note otherwise.


Columns that were previously date time values in UTC now have a duplicate column with the time offset to the requested time zone. You can distinguish by the _utc in the column header.


The default column sets for reports now include the time zone adjusted column instead of the UTC column. You can select the UTC columns by selecting Custom from the dropdown and checking the boxes for the desired columns.

Recommendation to avoid missing transactions

If you have downloaded reports in UTC in previous periods, we recommend that you download the current period in both UTC and in your time zone and use both reports for reconciling the current period. It might seem like there are duplicate or missing transactions if the previous period report and the current period report are in different time zones.

Example: if you download a report ending at end of day December 31, 2019 in UTC and a report with period start of start of day January 1, 2020 in Europe/Helsinki, some of your Stripe transactions would not appear on either report due to the time windows.

Changes to subscriptions

Subscribing to a daily, weekly, or monthly e-mail will now notify you when the data for the interval requested is available based on your Stripe account’s time zone instead of UTC.