How to reconcile your tax invoice in Mexico

The fees seen in your Tax invoice in Mexico reflect all Stripe fees at the current standard rate. The IVA charge is applied to all payment, dispute and product fees. You may notice that the total amount of fees seen in the Dashboard doesn't match the amount in your IVA Invoice:

Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 15.59.31.png

That's because the total fees shown in the Balance report for blended charges are inclusive of tax (IVA). That means that the amount in the Balance report is = Stripe fees + IVA (sum of all fees * 0.16%).

To see the total fee amount without tax included, download the Payments > Export report in your dashboard, and sum the total amount of fees with the amount seen in the IVA invoice:

To see your fee report, you can download the balance history report from your dashboard here:

Monthly tax invoices include balance transactions based on the “Created” date, not the “Available_on” date. (Note: The UTC timezone is utilized to determine which balance transactions should be included in tax invoices. To enhance the accuracy of reconciliation results, set the Balance Report's time zone to UTC.)

If you want to automatically send invoices to customers after the payment has been completed, follow the documentation in here.

Please note, Stripe fees and taxes are included on tax invoices based on the date when they are charged to your account and the balance transactions are created, you can read more about this in Understanding your monthly tax invoice.