Stripe iPhone and Android mobile apps - Mobile Dashboard app for Standard/Direct users

Stripe offers free mobile applications for both iPhone, iPad and Android devices to allow you to access your Dashboard. These apps are available for Direct and Standard accounts (not for Custom and Express Connect Accounts).

The mobile Dashboard app is only available in English. If you want to access your dashboard in another language, you can login to the dashboard through a browser where it will show in the language you set in your Stripe Settings.

Features of the app

Mobile app users can

You need the right permissions to create payments, refunds and payouts in the mobile app. Stripe users with the role "View only" are not able to create those.

Push notifications will only work if you also allowed notifications for Stripe in the general Settings of your Phone (Settings > Notifications > Stripe)



To login to the mobile app, you will need 2-Factor-Authentication. You can read more about it in this article:

Additional Information