Stripe Dashboard Mobile App on iPhone and Android

Stripe offers a free mobile application for both iPhone and Android devices. You can use the Stripe Dashboard app to monitor your Dashboard, create and manage payments, track and initiate payouts, get push notifications on business activity, and more. 

The Stripe Dashboard mobile app is available in 14 languages, as set by your device language via system preferences. The app is available for accounts that access the Stripe Dashboard, but excludes accounts with access to the Express Dashboard or accounts that do not have access to a Stripe Dashboard.

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Stripe Dashboard mobile app features

Mobile app users enables you to:

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Payment capability availability

The iOS and Android Stripe Dashboard apps enable you to accepts payments in person or create online payments. Learn more about in-person payments in this article.



Tap to Pay



Manual card entry



Payment links (including QR codes)







Troubleshooting issues

Logging in

Feature access

Notification delivery

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