Selecting a Business Type and Business Structure

Stripe users must provide information about their business during onboarding, such as Business Type and Structure. Refer to the documents filed to register the business or consult a professional for assistance if unsure. If not registered, the Business Type is likely Individual and the Business Structure will not need to be selected.

Stripe users are required to provide information about their business during the onboarding process, including the Business Type and Business Structure.

Not sure which Business Type or Structure to select? Consult with the business owner.

If you are the business owner and unsure of your Business Type and Structure, please consult the guidance below.

If you filed documentation to register your business with a government agency

Your Business Type is likely to be Company, and your Business Structure would depend on the specific documents you filed.

If you are unsure of your Business Structure, refer to the documents you filed to register your business, or consult your lawyer or tax professional.

If you have incorporated your legal entity and are a registered nonprofit or charity, your Business Type is likely to be Nonprofit organization.

If you have not filed paperwork to register as a business entity

Your Business Type is likely to be Individual, and you will not need to select a Business Structure.