Requirements for having a US Stripe account

To have a US Stripe account, you must be incorporated in the US and have a valid physical US address. Stripe will verify your legal entity name, entity type, EIN, and business address on your articles of incorporation or other documents. P.O. Box addresses are not accepted. You can update your business address in your Stripe dashboard if it differs from the one on your articles of incorporation.

I received an email saying that I am missing some of the qualifications needed for a US Stripe account and my payouts have been disabled. What does Stripe need to verify to re-enable my payouts?

Stripe needs to verify that you’re incorporated in the US, and that you have a valid physical US address.

What information will Stripe check on my articles of incorporation or other documents?

Stripe checks that the information on your document matches the information on your Stripe account so please make sure all your account details are correct and up to date with special attention to:

Can Stripe accept a P.O. Box address as my business address?

Stripe requires a valid physical US address. We cannot accept a P.O. Box as a valid address.

What if the business address on my Stripe account is different to the address on my articles of incorporation?

If you are incorporated at a physical US address, you can update your business address. To do this, head to your ‘settings -> business settings’ in your Stripe dashboard. Alternatively, you can reply to the email with an additional document to verify the business address you provided on your account.