Recommended Resources and Partners for Stripe Terminal

Learn about Stripe’s recommended resources and partners for Terminal users including:

Developer solutions

Stripe Terminal doesn’t include a point-of-sale application. To use a Terminal card reader and accept payments, users must code an integration with a custom point-of-sale solution. Read steps for getting started with an integration here.

If you would like to work with a development partner or agency to build your own application or get help integrating your existing application, we recommend the below partners:

Enterprise point of sale (POS) and property management system (PMS) integrations

Stripe offers integrations with the following POS and PMS providers to allow you to use Stripe Terminal for in-person payments with your current payments stack. 

Please contact our sales team to learn more about these integrations.

No-code point of sale (POS) providers

If you’re looking for a no-code POS provider, the following off-the-shelf POS providers have already integrated with Stripe Terminal. For simple payment needs, you can also accept contactless in-person payments with Tap to Pay through the Stripe Dashboard app for iOS or Android.

Below are a few off-the-shelf POS providers that have already integrated with Stripe Terminal:


POS providers

Activities & Leisure



Food & Beverage

Health & Wellness




Ticketing & Events

Do you offer a POS application in one of these verticals? Join the Stripe Partner Ecosystem to get featured on this page.

Third-party Android-based hardware

Some Terminal partners have built bespoke Android-based solutions using Tap to Pay on Android and the Stripe Terminal SDK. Please review the following devices for custom hardware options and contact each partner via their website:

Compatible devices must be on Android 10+, have Google Mobile Services installed and include an NFC chipset and hardware keystore.

Hardware accessories

Stripe offers the following native Terminal hardware accessories via the Stripe Dashboard: BBPOS WisePOS™ E Dock, Stripe Reader M2 Dock, Stripe Reader M2 Mount.

These partners also offer third-party mounts and stands that are compatible with selected Terminal readers:

Go-to-market resources

Stripe offers sales and marketing resources to grow adoption of in-person payments among your users. We recommend working with Stripe Professional Services for help developing your integration and a custom go-to-market strategy. You can learn how Shore partnered with Stripe professional services to launch 20% faster. Or, join the Stripe Partner Ecosystem to get access to prebuilt playbooks, customizable sales and marketing assets, and co-marketing funds.