PayPal payment method availability

Which regions is PayPal on Stripe available in?

PayPal is currently available for Stripe businesses based in the EU (except for Hungary), Liechtenstein, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. Please review the documentation for a full list of requirements. You can accept PayPal payments from buyers based anywhere in the world. See our supported presentment currencies.

What types of businesses are eligible for PayPal on Stripe?

PayPal is available on Stripe for all B2C direct businesses and merchant-of-record marketplaces using Stripe Connect. An online marketplace means your customers purchase goods or services from your sellers, using a single app or website on which your business’s name is represented, and you provide the customer service including handling refunds and disputes. PayPal on Stripe is not currently available for SaaS platforms with connected accounts.

If you’re a merchant-of-record marketplace looking to start accepting PayPal, you can submit an onboarding request directly from the Payment Method Settings page in your Stripe dashboard. You’ll be getting updates on your progress by email, and your current status will also be reflected on the Payment Method Settings page.