Availability of Giropay: June 2024 update

Paydirekt (the owner of Giropay) have made the decision to deprecate Giropay. During the week of June 24, 2024, Stripe was notified that Giropay will stop onboarding new merchants and accepting payments 6 days later, by June 30, 2024. Unfortunately, Stripe had no control over this decision.

If you use Giropay with Stripe, you may need to take one of more of the following actions if you haven’t already done so:

Remove Giropay from your integration

We have automatically hidden Giropay for the majority of Stripe accounts using Stripe Checkout, the Payment Element, and the Mobile Payment Element.

However, if your integration does not use dynamic_payment_methods (i.e., you manually list payment methods for your integration), and it meets one of the following criteria, you will need to manually remove Giropay:

Now that Giropay has been switched off, any PaymentIntent confirmation that specifies payment_method_type as giropay or any Source creation that specifies type as giropay will fail with an HTTP 402 response. The error message will say “Giropay is deprecated and can no longer be used for payment acceptance.”

Connect platforms: Stop requesting the giropay_payments capability

If you’re a Connect platform enabling connected accounts to accept payments directly, we suggest you also update your integration to stop requesting the giropay_payments capability for your connected accounts. You might also want to communicate this deprecation to your connected accounts directly.


Remove all mentions of Giropay as an accepted payment method throughout your site and support resources, if applicable.


Refunds will continue to process as normal beyond June 30.

Alternative payment methods

For buyers in Germany, we recommend businesses selling to consumers to offer Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Klarna. For businesses selling to other businesses, we recommend Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, SEPA Bank transfers, and SEPA Direct Debit.