Payouts or charges not enabled for Custom connected accounts

Stripe collects, verifies, and regularly reviews information about Stripe accounts to help protect against fraud and stay current with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. Verification requirements can vary by business type, country, and payments capabilities that your connected accounts need—like accepting card payments from customers, or just accepting payment transfers from your platform.

If you have a connected account that does not have payouts or charges enabled, they may be missing capabilities or required verification information. You can read about how to determine if information is required in the docs. To enable payouts or charges for a Custom account, be sure to:

1. Request the appropriate capabilities for the connected account.

You can see a list of required and recommended capabilities in the Connect settings section of the Dashboard.

2. Collect the required information from the connected account.

You can find the required information fields for users in each country by selecting the relevant country from the required verification information menu. You can also update information about a connected account in the Dashboard.

We strongly recommend that you use Connect Onboarding to manage identity verification. This is the easiest way to collect information from both new and existing accounts when needed, since the form dynamically adjusts the required information to reflect the account’s capabilities, country, and business type.