My payout is missing, changed, or postponed

Most payouts issues are due to:

Payout date has been changed and postponed

If your next expected payout date has been updated to a future date, this is most likely due to account verification issues. Please check both your dashboard or email to see if we requested additional information from you to complete this process.

I am not getting full payout amount - (temporary) reserves

If your payout is not paid out in full, this may indicate that you have a temporary reserve on your Stripe account. Stripe will proactively communicate the reason for the temporary reserve to the Stripe account holder. See:

Payout is missing (Payout date less than 5 business days ago)

If your expected payout was sent less than 5 business days ago, your payout funds have left Stripe and the payout is being processed by your bank. Banks can add extra days, including weekends and holidays. Once the bank has finished processing your payout, they will deposit the funds into your account automatically. While the payout funds have left Stripe, your bank may not yet have an update.

Payout is missing (Payout date more than 5 business days ago)

If your expected payout has not landed in your bank account after 5 business days, contact your bank for an update. You will need to provide the following information: bank account details, date expected, exact amount, and payor (Stripe).

If your bank is unable to locate the missing payout after 5 business days, contact support.

My bank account details were entered incorrectly or were changed