Information required on your business website to use Stripe

To start using Stripe, you must provide a URL for any website, social media profile, or mobile application you use to promote your business or sell products. If you submit a social media profile, please provide the full URL (e.g., and not just the social media handle. If you do not have a website, please visit this page to learn about alternatives to providing a URL.

When you provide a business website, social media profile, or mobile application, it must include (at a minimum):

Stripe and our financial partners also require that you include the following additional pieces of information on your website, social media profile, or mobile application:

While this information is not required when you create your account, we recommend that you add them to your website, social media profile, or mobile application as soon as possible (no later than when you start selling your goods or services) to avoid possible business disruptions later on. Please also note that these additional requirements can come into effect quickly after sign-up if you operate in an industry with elevated financial risk.

How to update your Website URL in the Dashboard

  1. Log in to the Stripe Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings (gearbox in the top right of the Dashboard), then scroll down to Business Settings and select business details
  3. The Website URL will be listed in the Business Details section, click the pencil icon to edit
  4. Update your website URL in the “Business Website” text input box
  5. Click save to confirm your URL change
  6. Refer to the information at the top of this article if your website is not accepted or fails verification