Moving data to a new Stripe account

While our hope is that everything that you need to do will be able to be accomplished with one Stripe account, there are some cases in which users have found the need to migrate to a new account. There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind when doing so.

Copying Data

We are able to do one-time copies of customer data across accounts, so that you don’t have to ask your users to re-enter their credit card details in the event that you are migrating to a new account. Get in touch to arrange copying this data over.


  • Charges, invoices, plans, subscriptions, coupons, events, and logs do not get copied over. Only the raw customer objects get copied over.

  • The customers that are copied over will have the same id on the destination account as they did on the source account.

  • All of your old data will always remain in your old account. So, you would likely not want to delete your old account, but rather keep it around so that you can access the legacy data there if you ever need to reference it.


Because plans and subscriptions are not copied across accounts, if you choose to recreate subscriptions on the new account, you may do the following:

  1. Recreate plans on the new account. Because you can specify the id when creating a plan, you should be able to recreate plans on the new account that have the same ids as those on the old account.

  2. Add subscriptions to your customers on the new account. If you’d like to use the same billing dates on the new account as you did on the old account, you can force the billing period of subscriptions on the new account by setting a custom trial end date when you create them. See more at:


One potential issue when migrating to a new account is ensuring that the new account is set up in all of the same ways that you have come to know and expect from your existing account.

Here are some specific things to check:

We have not set up automated tooling to copy these settings over, in part because users create new accounts for any number of reasons, including perhaps wanting a “clean slate.” However, if you are migrating to a new account and want it to behave as closely as possible to your previous account, it may be worth it to go through each of those settings!

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