Does Stripe Terminal support Affirm, Afterpay, Clearpay and Klarna?

Affirm, Afterpay, Clearpay and Klarna issue virtual, contactless cards which can be provisioned by the customer into their Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet. Stripe Terminal supports transactions from all of these card types, provided you've completed the necessary steps to onboard with each provider.

See below for instructions on how to get set up with Affirm, Afterpay, Clearpay and Klarna.

Accept Affirm Cards with Stripe Terminal

Availability: United States and Canada

If you are interested in offering customized pay-over-time options to buyers, enable Affirm in the Buy Now, Pay Later Payment Methods section of your Stripe dashboard.

Accept Affirm virtual cards

Affirm Anywhere allows customers to shop by generating a one-time virtual card in the Affirm app that can be used at any eligible merchant’s business. As long as you do not sell products or services listed on Affirm's Prohibited Business Policy, consumers can use Affirm virtual cards at your business. Cardholders load the Affirm card into their mobile wallets and check out without any integration work required from you.

Please note that with this path, you will not have a relationship with Affirm, and you cannot use Affirm branding or discuss Affirm in your store. The virtual card will be processed like a normal Visa credit card or debit card and interchange or similar debit or credit processing fees will still apply.

Please click here to navigate to the Affirm help center for more information and example customer flow.

How to start accepting Afterpay / Clearpay Cards with Stripe Terminal

Availability: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Sign up for an account

If you do not already have an Afterpay account, you will need to create one via the Merchant Onboarding Portal.

Enabling Terminal devices

Once you have completed signing up for an Afterpay Merchant account, you will receive an email with the title “Afterpay Card is ready for you to set up” with instructions on completing a test transaction. The transaction details will provide Afterpay with all the information about your business that they need.

If your business has multiple locations, or if you do not wish to do the dummy transaction, you will need to submit the following information: Store name, Address, Afterpay Merchant ID, Scheme name, Acquirer MID. You can obtain the Scheme name and Acquirer MID directly from Stripe:

Please then respond to the automated email titled “Afterpay Card is ready for you to set up” with all of the above information.

From there, Afterpay will then be able to enable your Stripe Terminal for Afterpay Card transactions.

If customers start experiencing in-person declines when using their Afterpay Card, please check that your MID is still enabled correctly. You can use this Formstack if you have any issues after onboarding, or if you’d like to update or expand your setup. For individual declines, please refer your customers to Afterpay’s in-app Help for further troubleshooting.

How to start accepting Klarna virtual cards with Stripe Terminal

Availability: United States only.

Onboard with Klarna

Provide brand assets and store details

If you agree to the applicable Klarna terms and conditions, you’ll be granted access to Klarna’s “Merchant Portal”. Please follow Klarna’s instructions, which may include a request to upload your brand assets, including a feature image, brand logo, and icon within the portal.

Klarna will request (via email) store location details in order to unlock your terminals. Details requested may include the following:

Go-live with in-store card