The Stripe Connector for PrestaShop offers a global, flexible, and scalable integrated solution for payments. Companies use this connector to accept payments and build their integration more quickly with PrestaShop and Stripe.

Payment Methods

Does PrestaShop support Link?

Yes, with the latest version of the Stripe module for PrestaShop customers can save their payment details with Link. This can be disabled through the Stripe Dashboard; for the Integrated payment form (Payment Element) here, and for the Redirect to Stripe (Checkout) here.

What payment methods does the Stripe module for PrestaShop support?

The module supports the following payment methods:

How do I configure Apple Pay?

To configure Apple Pay you’ll need to add your domain(s) manually via your Stripe Dashboard in your Payment methods settings.


What’s the difference between Checkout and Payment Element?

When configuring the Stripe payment module, you will be able to choose between which Stripe hosted surface we inject into your checkout flow, Redirect to Stripe (Stripe Checkout) or the Integrated payment form (PaymentElement). The primary difference is that with the Payment Element, the element will appear directly in the checkout flow, whereas if you select Checkout the customer will be redirected to Stripe Checkout during the checkout flow.

What are test and live modes?

Test mode allows you to validate that the module works well in your shop and to see what the user experience feels like without actually charging a card or incurring any cost. Once ready to charge your customers with the module, you can switch to live mode. Test and live modes are distinguished by different sets of API keys.

Can I customize the appearance of the checkout?

You can customize the Integrated payment form (Payment Element) to support your checkout context by choosing between four prebuilt themes that most closely resembles your website: Stripe, Flat, Night, None. This can be done from the PrestaShop backoffice on the module configuration page.

To customize the appearance of the checkout when opting to Redirect to Stripe (Stripe Checkout), head to your Branding settings in the Stripe Dashboard.

How do I upgrade my existing Stripe payment module to the newer version?

If there is a newer version of the Stripe module available, you will see an ‘Upgrade’ option beside it in the PrestaShop module manager. The older versions of the Stripe module are fully compatible with the newer version, so you won’t need to make any changes to your configuration when upgrading.

Can I connect to my Stripe account via Oauth?

No, the ‘Connect with Stripe’ button on the module configuration page will only redirect you to the Stripe registration form to fill out with information about your business. To connect, you will still need to use the API keys from your Stripe account.

How do I configure webhooks?

You won’t need to configure webhooks in order for the module to work, this is handled automatically.

Payments and Fees

Are there additional fees when using the Stripe PrestaShop module?

No, the Stripe PrestaShop module does not result in any additional fees. You’re charged standard fees for Stripe's products as per your account’s pricing.

With separate authorization and capture, can you release an authorized payment from PrestaShop?

No, this has to be done from the Stripe Dashboard.

How do I capture a payment after it has been authorized?

You can configure your payment capture criteria via the PrestaShop backoffice on the Stripe configuration page. The payment capture will be automatically actioned when the order's status is changed to match the value in the ‘Catch status’ box. You can also capture a payment from the Stripe Dashboard by using the ‘Capture’ button when viewing an authorized payment.

Does PrestaShop support partial refunds?

Yes, you can manually enter the amount you want to refund in the ‘Refund’ tab of the Stripe configuration page. You can also partially refund an order from the Stripe Dashboard.

Product Compatibility

Does PrestaShop support Stripe Billing?

No, the module only supports standalone payments.

Does PrestaShop support Stripe Connect?

Stripe Connect is not supported with the Stripe module for PrestaShop.

Does PrestaShop support Stripe Radar?

Yes, the Stripe module for PrestaShop supports Radar which can be configured from your Stripe Dashboard.