Can I create and manage multiple Stripe accounts?

You can create additional Stripe accounts associated with your email address. You might create some accounts yourself, or you might be given access to other accounts as a team member.

Create a new account

To create a new account, click on the name of your current Stripe account in the upper-left corner, and select New account.

Switch accounts

To switch the account you’re currently viewing in the Dashboard, click on the name of your current Stripe account in the upper-left corner and then select the account to switch to from the dropdown.blob

Disclaimer: You must use separate Stripe accounts for projects, websites, or businesses that operate independently from one another. When you activate a new account, it’s subject to Stripe’s standard policies and pricing—it doesn’t inherit any special status or other similar considerations that might apply to your existing account.

If you need to create many new accounts (or provision accounts automatically) while maintaining centralised reporting and management, you might consider creating a Connect platform instead of using multiple conventional Stripe accounts.

When you have multiple projects or businesses that operate under the same legal entity, you can use the same tax ID and business information across multiple accounts. Make sure to provide suitable public business information to avoid customer confusion.