Additional pricing information for Indian cross-border sellers

Stripe offers two different ways to accept international card payments for Indian businesses with varying fee plans. Both approaches allow you to accept payments from customers outside India with a single integration and pay out to your Indian bank account in Indian Rupees (INR). You can choose which currency option best suits your business needs:

Mainly domestic Mainly international
Presentment currency INR—end customers will see INR charges on statements 135+ currencies supported (Visa and Mastercard, USD on American Express)
Settlement to an Indian bank account Supported in INR only Supported in INR and USD
Additional documentation for exporters None • Purpose codes and Importer Exporter code required
• Payment Advice with all details of foreign inward remittance provided
Processing fees 3% per successful charge 4.3% per successful charge
Currency conversion fees End customers may be charged a conversion fee by their issuing bank Additional 2% if required