Adding Link to your site

Link improves the conversion rate of your checkout flow. With Link, your customers can securely save and reuse payment information for a faster checkout at the thousands of online businesses that have Link enabled. Customers that use Link check out four times faster and transact four times more frequently.

For Stripe Checkout and Payment Links users, Link is already enabled on your site with no additional fees or integration work required. You can turn Link off in the Checkout and Payment Links settings in your Dashboard if you don’t want to offer it to your customers.

For Stripe Elements users, Link is available to all users for Web via the Payment Element and for mobile iOS via the Mobile Payment Element. If you'd like to accept Link via your Android app, you can request to join our Link for Android private beta by filling out our beta interest form here.

How can I accept Link?

You can accept Link through our new Elements, or through Stripe Checkout.

How much does it cost?

Link pricing is the exact same as card sticker pricing.

Does it work with recurring payments?

Yes, Link works with recurring payments.

Is Link supported in my country or currency?

How do disputes work with Link?

Disputes work the exact same way as they do for cards.

Does Link work with any other payment methods besides Cards?

Can I use Link without Checkout, the Mobile Payment Element, or new Elements?

No. We hope to expand Link beyond these payment UIs, but for the time being, these three are available.