Adaptive Pricing

Adaptive Pricing is a Checkout and Payment Links feature from Stripe that converts prices to the local currency of customers using the Stripe-provided exchange rate, allowing customers to pay with supported payment methods. Fees and exchange rates for refunds and chargebacks may also be different from what is initially applied.

What is Adaptive Pricing?

Adaptive Pricing is a Checkout and Payment Links feature available that converts prices to a customer’s local currency using the latest Stripe-provided exchange rates. This allows you to present prices in your customer’s local currency for 50 countries and unlocks payment methods that require local currency presentment. Customers will see prices converted to the relevant local currency based on their location, the exchange rate applied, and supported payment methods; they will still have the option to pay in the original currency you set for your prices. You can turn on this feature from the Dashboard and see our docs for more details on supported integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why enable Adaptive Pricing?

Enabling this feature has been shown to result in higher revenue (averaging 17%+), higher conversion, and net new sales to new markets where customers predominantly pay in their local payment methods.

What are the fees?

To enable you to let your customers pay in their selected currency and guarantee the rate offered to them for 24 hours, Stripe charges you the following fees for transactions to which Adaptive Pricing is applied:

You pay

Currency conversion fee

For merchants in the US/UAE: 1%

For all other merchants: 2%

You charge your customers

Exchange rate fee

(included in the FX rate you present to your customers to guarantee their FX rate for 24 hours)


In addition, our standard transaction fees apply to transactions that are automatically converted and consist of the following:

See our pricing page for more details about these fees. Please note, your customer’s bank may also charge them additional fees for purchases from overseas merchants, and you should disclose this to your customers.

For what period is the exchange rate guaranteed?

The exchange rate is guaranteed from when the Checkout or Payment Links session is created through settlement so long as the exchange rate doesn’t change by more than 2%. In the rare case that the exchange rate changes beyond this threshold, Stripe may apply the latest exchange rate when settling the transaction. Checkout and Payment Link sessions expire after 24 hours so customers who reload the session may see a different exchange rate applied with updated local currency prices.

What exchange rate is applied for refunds and chargebacks?

Refunds or chargebacks are issued in the currency that the customer paid with. Adaptive Pricing does not guarantee the same exchange rate for refunds or chargebacks. Because the latest Stripe-provided exchange rate is applied when issuing refunds or chargebacks, you may gain or lose revenue depending on how exchange rates have changed.

Can I turn Adaptive Pricing On/Off?

Yes! If you've previously turned Adaptive Pricing off or if you would like to opt out, you can turn automatic currency conversion on/off in the Dashboard.

What terms apply to Adaptive Pricing?

The Stripe Adaptive Pricing terms govern your use of Adaptive Pricing.