Verify a new ACH customer

Unlike credit and debit payments where you collect your customer’s card number, expiration date, name, address, and security code, with ACH payments you’ll need your customer’s name, account type, account number, and routing number.

Typically, bank accounts can be verified using a microdeposit process, though Stripe has also integrated with Plaid to provide a more streamlined ACH verification process based on your customer’s online banking credentials.

It’s important to note that fraudulent users still sometimes pass verification successfully. To protect your business from fraud, monitor for unusual charge activity and suspicious behavior. You can learn more by reading our guide to identifying fraud.

Microdeposit Verification

You can verify your customer’s routing and account numbers by sending their account two microdeposits. Two small deposits will be made to their account. The transfers can take 1-2 business days to appear on their account. Once they’ve been received by the customer, the amounts for each deposit will need to be provided to you by the customer to verify that they have access to their account statement.

Plaid ACH Auth Verification

Stripe is also working with Plaid to offer instant verification for ACH payments. Your customer will just need to securely sign into their online bank account and they’re instantly verified—no need to know their account or routing number and no 1-2 day microdeposit verification process. Plaid currently supports 15 major US banks. If you’d like to authorize bank information instantly, please get in touch with Plaid for pricing.

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